Can CBD Oil Help With Warts?

CBD For Warts
CBD For Warts
CBD For Warts
CBD For Warts

Warts are very common and are coarse growth of skin that can be found on fingers and hands. These also feature black dots that are clotted blood vessels. It is the HPV or the Human PapillomaVirus that engenders warts. However, most of the forms of this virus are spread through skin contact or by sharing objects like washcloths and towels. Common warts can easily spread to other parts of the body by shaving or nail-biting. Experts suggest that two to six months time is what it takes for a wart to develop after one has been exposed to the virus.

The immune system of every individual responds differently to the virus. Apparently, not everyone exposed to the virus will be affected by it and develop warts. Typically, warts are harmless and will disappear on their own. Young adults and children are at increased risk of developing warts as their bodies might have not have built an immunity to the virus.

Why Use CBD For Warts? 

There lacks scientific evidences to prove the efficacy of CBD in treating warts. However, many people believe that using CBD for warts can help those suffering from the effects and symptoms of warts.

CBD For Side Effects Of HPV Vaccine 

The Centers for Disease Control And Prevention recommends taking two doses of the human papillomavirus vaccine for children. Some researchers have found that the vaccine can result in some adverse effects and that CBD oil can help alleviate these side effects. CBD rich hemp oil is found to be a good treatment option for dysautonomic and somatoform syndrome after the vaccination.

CBD For Skin Care 

Common warts manifest as a skin problem and the virus spreads via breaks in the skin like a scrape. A functional endocannabinoid system is present in the human skin and its functions include regulation of the survival, tolerance, and proliferation of the skin cells. These processes are well balanced and the disruption of the balance can lead to many skin problems like seborrhea, allergic dermatitis, acne, and even cancer. Using CBD oil can help ensure the balance between the process and control skin problems. CBD can also impact the GPR55 and TRPV1 receptors that have important roles to play in inflammation and pain signaling.

As said earlier, no studies are indicating that CBD can treat warts. However, it can be helpful to those who are dealing with the effects and symptoms of common warts.