All You Want To Know About CBD Shatters

CBD Shatters
CBD Shatters
CBD Shatters
CBD Shatters

CBD shatters are a popular CBD concentrate that is widely used by a lot of people. CBD concentrates became popular in the CBD industry because of their high concentrations of CBD and great potency. As they contain only CBD, they are very pure too. Hence, these products are one of the safest and purest CBD products for you to use.

There is a wide variety of CBD concentrates available in stores and some of them include wax, crumble, budder, crystal, resins, etc. Another popular CBD concentrate is CBD shatter that many people specifically prefer. This article analyzes the properties of CBD shatter for your knowledge.

CBD Shatter

This product is similar to other CBD concentrates in many of its characteristics except for the consistency and texture. It is actually a type of CBD isolate, which means, it does not contain additional plant compounds other than CBD. This property makes shatter one of the purest CBD products to use.

The primary stages of extraction for producing CBD shatters are similar to any other CBD product. The manufacturers will extract the cannabinoids and other compounds from the plant materials. It is not possible to extract CBD only at this stage. Hence, the product derived after the first stage of extraction will have all the cannabinoids and many other plant compounds.

The hemp extract thus derived will be processed further to remove all the additional compounds thereby leaving behind CBD isolates. It will contain high concentrations of CBD with no other ingredients. This isolate will be kept undisturbed and away from heat and light changes to convert it into shatter form.

The potency and other properties of CBD shatter are similar to other CBD concentrates. It is just a matter of preference for the texture and consistency of the product you need.

A lot of people confuse CBD shatter for CBD wax. But they are different products. Hence, you should be aware of their differences in choosing the right option for you.

Difference Between CBD Wax And CBD Shatter

These products are often mistaken by people for each other because of their close similarity. Both of them are amber yellow in color and they can be used for dabbing.

But you can tell the difference between them based on their appearance. Shatter will be more shiny and transparent, whereas, the wax is opaque and has a more yellow color.

Both of these products are made in a similar way, but when the cannabis concentrate is left untouched, it will turn into shatter form.

The use of CBD shatter and wax are similar. Both these products can be used in your dab rigs. Also, they provide similar health benefits because of the same potency. So you can choose a product based on the consistency you need.

How To Use CBD Shatter?

A lot of people think that it is possible to use CBD shatter for cooking if it is infused into butter. However, when you melt shatter, many of its properties can vanish. Hence, if you are trying to cook with CBD concentrate, it is better to choose products like powder, crystals, or isolate tinctures.

The popular way to use CBD shatter is dabbing. You can have vapors from it using your dab rig. By inhaling these vapors, it will be possible for you to get a wide array of benefits provided by CBD.

Dabbing is one of the best ways to inhale CBD. It is safer than smoking and vaping. CBD cigarettes can produce toxic carcinogenic compounds, as they involve the burning of solid substances. Also, CBD vape oil usually contains thinners that are used for diluting the concentrates. These thinners can also produce toxic compounds when heated.

But these problems can be avoided with the help of CBD concentrates. You can heat them using your dab rig to produce vapors that do not contain any toxic compounds.

Additionally, the bioavailability of dabbing CBD will be more when compared to vaping and smoking. This is because of the fact that CBD concentrates contain high amounts of CBD which can provide you intense results.

Benefits Of CBD Shatters

You can use CBD shatters for getting immediate relief from your symptoms. The high potency of this product allows it to act quickly on your body thereby providing intense and fast results.

CBD shatters can be used for treating chronic health conditions like acute pain, severe anxiety disorders, etc. which need an immediate cure.

A key benefit of shatter, when compared to other CBD concentrates, is that it has more shelf-life. This product has a more stable molecular structure in comparison with wax and many other CBD concentrates. Hence, it won’t degrade easily. Therefore, you can store it for more time without any degradation in its quality.

CBD shatters create a great option for people who are looking for potent CBD products. You can use it conveniently for getting better results from CBD.