Points To Consider Before Buying CBD

CBD For The Elderly
CBD For The Elderly
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Best CBD

CBD has been making inroads into the market of health care and cosmetics due to its therapeutic and medical benefits. Because of this, it is a major ingredient in many products, and researches are conducted to uncover many of its potential medical benefits. Hence, the market is booming and a plethora of products are available making it difficult for customers to find authentic products. Therefore you have to make sure that the products are safe and of high quality. Read on to know about the factors that you must consider before buying a CBD product.


You must know whether the CBD product is derived from hemp or marijuana because they have different CBD to THC ratio. Marijuana plants have higher THC concentrations up to 30% whereas Hemp plants have minimum concentration. Moreover, legally available CBD products have 0.3% of THC and they are sourced from the hemp plant; hence they do not cause high and are safe. The other factor that must be taken into account is the origin of the Hemp plant i.e. the location where the plant was cultivated. Hence, it is better to go for hemp CBD products that are cultivated in the US under an authorized manufacturer.

Extraction Method

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant using various extraction methods where some methods are better than others. However, some methods result in impurities and it is better to avoid such products. The following are the different extraction methods

  • Solvent Extraction: Here the hemp plant materials are soaked in solvents such as ethanol or alcohol and heated for multiple hours until all the cannabinoids and other compounds seep into the solvent. This solvent is then evaporated and we get concentrated CBD oils and these are usually full-spectrum oils. Hence, this is the most preferred common method of extraction.
  • CO2 Extraction: Here high-pressure CO2 and temperature are applied to the plant materials where the CO2 extracts CBD and other cannabinoids. This mixture is then condensed and separated to get the cannabidiol. Because of this there are no traces of impurities and used by high-quality manufactures.


This is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing CBD products because you determine the dosage based on this. The concentration depends on the type of CBD extract used in the product. Hence, there are 3 types of extracts full spectrum extract, broad-spectrum extract, and CBD isolates. A full spectrum extract has all the cannabinoids along with CBD and THC, whereas a broad-spectrum extract is like a full spectrum extract with minimal or no THC. CBD isolates are the purest form i.e. they are 99% cannabidiol.

Therefore before buying you must do proper research to find the best CBD products available in the market.