CBD Oil For Psoriasis

CBD Benefits For Hair
CBD Benefits For Hair
Why Hemp CBD
Why Hemp CBD

CBD is a popular medicine to relieve the symptoms of several diseases, and many types of research are being conducted to explore the potential of this relatively new market product. CBD is just one cannabinoid that is identified in the plants of the cannabis family, and the hemp plant is the source of legal CBD products in the market.

Why hemp CBD and not just any CBD? The answer lies in the chemical profile of the hemp plant with a high amount of cannabidiol and a minimal amount of THC, which is an intoxicating cannabinoid. The FDA strictly mentions that only CBD products that contain less than 0.3% THC in them will be considered legal.

Many people suggest the market best CBD oils as medication to relieve the symptoms of the autoimmune disease psoriasis.

What is Psoriasis?                                               

It is an autoimmune disease caused by the attack of the immune system on the skin cells of the body. The characteristic of psoriasis is the abnormal rate of skin cell division. In normal people, the dead skin cells fall off and new skin cells develop once a month. In people with psoriasis, the immune system’s excessive activity sends wrong signals telling that the skin cells are infected, and the response is the accelerated division of skin cells.

What are the Symptoms of Psoriasis?

Psoriasis appears usually on the elbows, scalp, and knees and there will be white flakes on the affected skin area. Pink eczema is the most common symptom of psoriasis.

How Does CBD Help In Relieving Psoriasis Symptoms?

The symptoms of psoriasis are due to the inflammation of the skin cells, and the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD is well known. The internal balance of an organism’s body is determined by the endocannabinoid system. The receptors of the system bind to the endocannabinoids helping our body to find balance.

When the levels of endocannabinoids drop in the body due to several medical disorders, we can depend on phytocannabinoids to regulate body metabolism. Phytocannabinoids are cannabinoids of plant origin and CBD is one. It binds to the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin and helps in reducing inflammation.

The excessive production of skin cells is a characteristic of psoriasis. Keratinocytes are the cells that produce new cells renewing the epithelium, and the accelerated production of keratinocytes leads to high cell division rates in the skin. CBD helps in regulating the number of keratinocytes, thereby reducing the development of scaly skin.

The symptoms of psoriasis-like scaly skin and eczema have a close connection with the stigma associated with it. People have several misconceptions about the disease and many think it is contagious while it is not. Gaining better control over the symptoms saves psoriasis patients from the embarrassment of having to handle odd stares.