How To Identify Good CBD Skincare Products?

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
CBD Skincare Products
CBD Skincare Products

The craze for CBD infused skin care products is growing due to their therapeutic effects and lack of side effects. Many brands are joining this bandwagon of hemp-infused skin care products and the market is growing with a wide assortment of products being introduced. Like in any other industry, many low-quality products are also available because not all products are created equal. Therefore, purchasing a high-quality authentic product can be a difficult task for a first-time buyer, and to experience the complete benefits you must buy a good quality CBD product. The following points will help you to identify genuine CBD skincare products.

Different Forms Of CBD Extract

Cannabidiol or hemp-infused products are made from one of the two types of CBD extracts namely full-spectrum extract and CBD isolates. The former contains all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant including the psychotropic THC whereas the latter is 99% pure CBD and it is also a very potent antioxidant. Hence, you choose the type of extract depending on your need or requirement and if you have any kind of plant allergy it is better to choose CBD isolate products.

Not All Hemp Extracts Contain CBD

These CBD skincare products are also sold as hemp-infused skin care products and they contain hemp seed oil or hemp butter. But, the hemp seed oil is produced by cold pressing hemp seeds and does not contain CBD and it is a very good moisturizer because of the high amounts of fatty acids contained in it. Therefore, when purchasing cannabidiol skincare products, ensure that it contains CBD and not just hemp seed oil.

The Extraction Method

CBD is extracted from the hemp plant through various extraction methods and some of the popular methods are CO2 extraction, olive oil extraction, or using a solvent like alcohol. Among these, CO2 extraction is the most preferred choice because it gives a highly pure end product without any impurities. Here CO2 under high pressure and temperature is passed through the plant materials and it absorbs all the cannabinoids and this mixture is passed through a condenser and the CBD is separated. Because of this, most high-quality brands use this method. Therefore, it is better to purchase cannabidiol skincare products made using CO2 hemp extract.

CBD Content

The CBD content in the product is usually indicated in milligrams (mg) and some high-quality products contain 100mg of CBD isolate. Moreover, you must know that the concentration of CBD varies among different types of extract i.e. a 10mg of CBD isolate is not equal to 10mg of full-spectrum CBD because the former has higher cannabidiol than the latter.

These are some of the points that you must consider when buying CBD skincare products.