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Pure Hemp Oil
Pure Hemp Oil
Pure Hemp Oil
Pure Hemp Oil

CBD has started a new wave in the skincare industry. The calming and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been bottled up in the latest skincare range and made available to you. Let us understand a few of the concepts about the CBD skincare range.

Indeed CBD And Hemp Seed Oil Are Different

First things first, a majority of the skincare products claiming to contain CBD or cannabis, does not contain the CBD that you and I know. Most of the time, it is hemp seed oil that popularly goes by the name of hemp oil or pure hemp oil. For years now, the skincare range has been making the use of hemp seed oil as their core ingredient.

I am sure you are thinking to yourself, what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD? Hemp oil is derived from the seeds of a hemp plant using a process known as cold pressing. To be true, it doesn’t contain any cannabinoids because the hemp seeds have no cannabinoids present in them. On the contrary, CBD is extracted from leaves and flowers of the hemp plant; and these are packed with cannabinoids.

Come to think of it, there is nothing wrong in using hemp oil because it has the potential to moisturize your skin. However, using CBD can open doors to its amazing anti-inflammatory qualities.

Hemp Oil Is A Hydrator And Nothing Else

When I say hemp oil is a hydrator and nothing else, I certainly do not mean that the hemp oil base skincare product that you have purchased is a complete waste of your money. It may not have anti-inflammatory properties like CBD, but it is packed with antioxidants. This oil is a perfect example of an amazing skin softener and a powerful moisturizer. All thanks to fatty acids like omega 3, 6, and linoleic acid. Additionally, this oil doesn’t clog your pores or make your skin droop oil.

The Queen Bee – CBD

When hemp oil is the amazing hydrator, what is the role of CBD in skincare then? CBD is the queen bee when it comes to antioxidation and anti-inflammation; and of course, reduction in the production of sebum. How is this beneficial? It soothes the skin, reduces acne, and reduces redness. I know CBD looks too promising.

Before you shell out your hard-earned money on skincare products, it will be best if you take time to look at the ingredients label.